How to increase the speed of mobile internet

All personal and official activities of mobile are done online. From food purchases to online classes, exams are all sitting at home. In order to increase the speed of internet, you have to clear or delete the cache files in the mobile from time to time.


If too many cache folders freeze on the mobile, it will disrupt the activities of the phone. Slows down the operation of the phone. Also clear caches in mobile browsers - Opera Mini, Firefox, Google Chrome. These slow down the net speed of the phone. You can use Android Assistant to clear the cache of mobile browser.


Here are five more ways to speed up mobile internet:

1. Uninstall unnecessary mobile apps.


2. Delete unnecessary data from mobile storage. As storage increases, so will your internet speed.


3. Clear the 'cached data' of the mobile. Because these not only waste the space of the mobile but also slow down the various apps of your mobile.


How to increase the speed of mobile internet

4. Also keep an eye on your SD card. If possible, use a high speed SD card. If you use a slow SD card, it will also slow down the download speed of your mobile.


5. You can download the app to delete unnecessary files on your mobile. Which will increase the speed of your mobile.


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