What is MBA Marketing

What is A MBA marketing

What is MBA Marketing

What is MBA?

MBA Master of Business Administration Administration It covers various disciplines such as finance, business, marketing, advertising etc. Completing an MBA will do a good job for a professional entrepreneur. You will have to face the MBA program for 3 years. However there is a two year MBA program. A person from MHA has earned a master’s degree in order to earn a master’s degree.

A student who has passed MBA is well acquainted with the benefits of business administration, marketing and management. He can design business models for himself. An MBA candidate can apply for jobs related to business management, consulting, administration and marketing. Engineers and doctors with MBA additional qualifications can place very well.

After graduation, many people get confused between MBA and Masters. Many people who come from other backgrounds except special BBA suffer from it.

First of all, let's see who the Masters should be

Those who are interested in working on the technical side, those who enjoy working in the Technical Innovation or Research Based should master. Because they will not enjoy MBA in Management, Finance, Marketing.

And if you don't enjoy it, any reading becomes horrible.

Who should do MBA?

On the other hand, MBA is for those who want to work in Ambition job or business, go to management e top level, play a role in company decision making.

If you enjoy Management, Finance, Marketing, you can do MBA with honors from any discipline.

But yes, it is foolish to think that just by doing MBA you can get up to the top in any company.

Lessons learned from MBA can't go very far if you don't apply them.

So it would not be very appropriate to sit with the idea that the MBA will find me a job.

Where you are doing MBA is a big 1 factor.


You need 1 degree, so if you do 1 MBA from three places, you will not get the desired success in your career.

However, it is very important to acquire practical knowledge along with the degree at this time.

If you memorize marketing theory, you can't sell butt product, there will be no profit in it.

Many times it is seen again, many people are sitting by choosing the wrong subject. For example: you introvert, talk less.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

So before choosing 1 subject, give maximum importance to what you like.


You will see that you are getting double motivation to work.

The last thing is, when you choose 1 road, there should be no more confusion.

Go down with eight knots at a time. Don't forget to look back or oops, don't regret it.


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